World Cup sandwich

While cleaning out the attic at Headline Superheroes HQ, we came across a relic from better times, when the air was fresher, the sunlight brighter, and rare earths slightly less rare in the earth.

If you’re irked by novelty souvenir stationery, papal snowglobes, and looming towers of unpurchasable made-in-China Hallowe’en rubbish on Sainsbury’s shelves that are more scary for having been conceived than for the monsters depicted, this item will make you squirm.

And with the Olympics approaching at a speed measured with needless and public precision by a shard-like timepiece in Trafalgar Square, we thought it might now be apposite to pre-emptively draw attention to the excesses of sports-related tat.

Corporate marketing teams and aspiring electronic engineers, behold ‘World Cup sandwich’: a cautionary tale.

Written by Tom and Statto

December 18, 2011 at 12:59

Posted in moving pictures

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