No woo-woo, just Cox

Buoyed by the success of the ‘Professor Brian Cox talking on a mountain’, ‘Professor Brian Cox talking in a desert’ and ‘Professor Brian Cox talking on a mountain whilst being filmed from a helicopter’ formats, the BBC decided to try out ‘Professor Brian Cox talking in a lecture theatre’ on Sunday night. Thus was created lamentable celebrity science circle-jerk A Night With The Stars, in which Cox talked to a room full of self-consciously air-headed celebrities about quantum mechanics, which is hard.

Anyone watching the show may well have been disappointed and shocked first and foremost by the dodgy extrapolation of Pauli’s exclusion principle. But also worrying was Cox’s mad closing line. Referring to the magnificent, mysterious majesty of quantum mechanics, he said:

There is no woo-woo. It is just beautiful physics. Thank you.

Do you think he knows that ‘woo-woo’ means vagina?

Do you think the script editors or production team, or even the person who types the autocue, know that ‘woo-woo’ means vagina? Or is he just, slightly crassly perhaps, highlighting the current gender gap in physics?

Every electron in the Universe is simultaneously wincing.

Written by Statto and Tom

December 21, 2011 at 14:26

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  1. My husband has just noted that Pauli certainly knew what woowoo was about, as he was out most nights with local girls, finding woowoo and plenty of it.


    February 18, 2012 at 17:56

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