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News that ecstasy doesn’t appear to cause long-term brain damage has been greeted with open arms and dilated pupils by pro-drugs campaigners, and closed minds by politicians and readers of tabloid newspapers. It’s also left Professor David Nutt, whom you may remember from the Nutt sack affair in which the government fired him as an independent science advisor for giving independent science advice, nonplussed. Nutt told the Guardian:

‘I always assumed that, when properly designed studies were carried out, we would find ecstasy does not cause brain damage,’ said Professor David Nutt.

Good to see that Nutt’s advice is now so independent that it’s not even encumbered by the scientific method.

The dangers of relying on anecdotal evidence are made clear by commenter db1489, who explains:

Ok so anecdotal evidence means nothing but…I took ecstacy many hundreds of times during the nineties and I have never been sharper mentally. My memory is fine and i’ve never been sharper mentally.

Commenter db1489 making clear the dangers of relying on anecdotal evidence, there.

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February 21, 2011 at 17:29

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